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Our pleasure is to open minds so that each body’s dancing can bloom. That’s why we have developed three basic technic and creative teaching lines, taking as a starting point our living experience. There are non permanent workshops offered to diverse publics: the ones that have a previous knowledge in any kind of dance, begginers, or totally inexperienced. If you want us to share our dancing and creative way in your company, city, or academy, or if you want to participate in one of our workshops, communicate with us here:


Creation of movement strarting from the impossibilities of movement, use of the space with less space. This workshop explores the coreographic creation as of the shortage, the boundaries, the impossibility.
When there is a concrete border in body or space, instead of minimize possibilities of movement and expression, the workshop promotes the look from the frontier to the inside. That is how, what can be considered as an obstacle for dancing freedom, it is rediscovered as a tool that rekindles an immense universe of creative possibilities.
Frontiers was created from an accident that gave birth to a real frontier: the coreeographer Mejia broke the anterior cruciate ligament of her right knee a couple of moths before the release of the solo Intercambio de Piel, her Master’s thesis for the Master in Contemporary Arts Practice and Disseminarion of the Universidad de Girona. That is how the necessity of moving respecting the barrier that the body already had was born, and gradually the workshop was developed. This workshop has been taught in Spain and Colombia.


Contemporary Dancing techniques Basic Level for non dancers. Here we study and explore the bases of the contemporary dancing. Breathing and relaxation with movement, how to set the floor, recognize the spine, to feel and use muscles and bones, among other tools to open the movement’s gate. 
We consider contemporary dancing in that universal stage, given that what we do in class is to look at the particularities of each body, taking each participant’s perception towards themselves, to understand and move oneself from the acceptance of the own characteristics. Body, space, and time, like it was taught by the master Rudolf Von Laban, are our training subject. To open the perception of one’s body and the other bodies, the objective. The basic training in contemporary dancing is key both for the begginer and the professional. Always (always) is important to go back to the origins.

Essential masters: Slowness, Repetition, Silence. 

Non-Conventional Spaces

Dancing in non conventional spaces. Where people see streets, buses, corners, parks, dinning rooms, trees, sidewalks, balconies, kitchens…we see dancing. This workshop was created to see how any place is suceptible of being inhabitated and danced by human bodies. With this workshop we want to develop creation and composition tools for coreographies in spaces that are not theaters where traditionally the plays are presented. Non conventional spaces, those which design and construction has other uses, but equally are offered as spaces for creation. Suitable for all kinds of bodies and human experiences: as of for dancers, actors, musicians, plastic artists, humanists or engineers can take our workshop. To increase the relationship between body and space while playing is fine for everyone. 

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